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Exercise - pleasure or pain?


If you're someone who says you don't like exercise then ask yourself what specifically it is about it that you don't like.

When did you stop enjoying it? What happened?

Exercise is simply moving your body - something we're designed as humans to do each and every day.

It is undeniable that when we exercise regularly, we feel better.

When we exercise the body releases endorphins. Endorphins intercept pain and trigger positive feelings in the mind and body.

Exercise helps to balance mood, improve concentration, reduce stress, maintain a more positive outlook and help us cope better with our daily lives.

Here are some ideas which might just help you start:

- ENJOYMENT: Start by looking at what you used to love doing. That way you’re connecting it to pleasure. Think about how it made you feel. One client is taking up football again as she found she could lose herself on the pitch in her teens. Brainstorm things you’ve always wanted to try. What are you good at?

- YOUR FITNESS VISION: How will you feel when you’re energetic and fit? What will you be able to do more of?

- KNOW WHEN TO FOCUS: You may need to focus on sleep, food, stress management and creating time out to build your energy before embarking on a new activity routine.

- THINK BIGGER THAN THE PHYSICAL: What else will activity provide? Excitement, connection, adventure, growth…? How does what you’re choosing to do link to your values? What other areas of your life will being more active transform?

- SET A CHALLENGE: If you like a challenge and to push yourself then that may be the motivator you need. Build in a reward and acknowledge your successes.

- ADD VARIETY: As humans we thrive on variety and different experiences. Keep it interesting…and have options for different weather!

- MULTIPLE BENEFITS: Will your choice of activity have sociable benefits? Or time out for yourself which you crave?

- FORGIVE PAST PERCEIVED ‘FAILURES’: If you feel disappointed in yourself, you may need to address this and change your perception. As humans we seek pleasure, to avoid pain and to maintain energy. Your choices in the past are what make you human. You are not weak or lazy.

- GET IN THE GREAT OUTDOORS: Nature is the best antidote to stress, fatigue, anxiety, mood disorders etc. Go for a walk and just see the difference it makes!


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