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Whether it's regular 1-1 coaching you're looking for or simply a one-off session to resolve something urgently, I'm here to help.

I offer a range of options and budgets to suit you.

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After 5 health coaching sessions, clients demonstrate a 25% decrease in reported medical symptoms.

A full hour dedicated wholly to you. A powerful way to create change in your life.

Perhaps you'd like to see what coaching is like before you commit to a series of sessions? Then this is ideal for you!


Single 1-1 Coaching

Recommended to enable sustained change. 

6 x one hour sessions where we'll explore your vision, create goals and actions to get you living your best life!

BONUS: Includes a personalised resource

e.g. a book I feel could help support you.


Staff wellbeing has never been more important than now. Retain your staff, boost their productivity and see the difference in morale when teams raise their wellness.

Interactive, engaging workshops for groups of 8-16 people.

Contact me for pricing & availability

Series of 6 x Coaching
Corporate Wellbeing Workshops

What does health coaching involve?


Need to understand more before booking a discovery call?  


No problem at all, I understand that and would like you to have as much information as you need.


If I haven’t answered your question below, just drop me a message and I’ll be more than happy to respond.


What is health coaching?

As a Health & wellness coach, I partner with you, agreeing and co-creating goals and actions. Together we will seek to enhance your well-being through self-directed, lasting changes, which are aligned with your values.

I 100% respect that you are the expert on your own life, and ensure that all interactions are respectful and non-judgmental.

I'll celebrate your successes, evaluate your progress and tweak the plan to ensure you are getting to where you want to be to live your best life.


Would health coaching suit me?

Coaching is a lovely 1-1 process which meets you where you’re at. I’ll get to know you as an individual, understanding your drivers, your goals, your values and what motivates you.

You do need to be prepared to make some changes though as nothing happens on its own. Don’t worry, I’ll be there as your coach to guide you and celebrate the wins with you.

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What does a session involve?

We’ll fix up a suitable time to meet on Zoom (if I am not in the close vicinity and able to meet you in person) for each session. The days and times are flexible if you need to change them week to week.


Initially it will be about getting to know you, using tools such as the Wellness Wheel, which looks at different areas of your life and how satisfied you are with them. Then we’ll move on to look at what your Well Life Vision is, what your goals are, and we’ll start to create some actions to get you there.


How does coaching differ from counselling?

Whilst we may touch on some emotive areas, I will not be exploring them in depth. Counselling can be directive in nature unlike coaching. 


Coaching is forward looking, harnessing learning from previous successes to build powerful motivation and drive to achieve your wellness goals.

Why does it work?

Often as humans, we need a helping hand to keep us accountable. Coaching carves out regular time to focus on the most important thing of all – you and your health. The process will enable you to get to know yourself and your strengths better and keep you on track to achieve the goals which lead to a life full of vitality. I use the principles of positive psychology and a wholly client-centred approach.

“Every time we ask a question, we’re generating a possible version of a life.”

D Epston

Is it for me?

If you'd like to know more then do get in touch to book your free 20 minute discovery call.

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