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Success Stories


Take your time to have a look at what 1-1 and corporate clients are saying about their experiences when working with me, and the impact and benefits that health coaching has had on them and their businesses.

Corporate Clients

A sample of feedback from some of my wellbeing workshops with corporate clients.

I was really looking forward to the workshop and it was exactly what I needed. Lyn was very personable and made everyone feel comfortable with vocalising their feelings.

Found it very informative and would find more of these workshops of benefit.

Very informative with an open and engaging approach. Lyn's transparency around how she has approached wellness resonated well with good use of analogies. I thought the processes she used were very helpful and I will take them on board.



Transformational, just WOW! It’s incredible now I look back over 3 months to remember that I didn’t really know there was even a journey to be made, let alone where it started or where it might lead.

I had been low in spirit and self-esteem for many years, suffered anxiety and depression, lacked hope and direction and existed rather than lived. I searched for answers but in truth didn’t have a clue how to climb out of my gloomy dark hole. I had accepted my lot. And then I started my coaching sessions with Lyn.

Through the weeks I have built some fundamental understandings that are moving me forward. I know I don’t need answers from others, I can find them myself. That builds strength and hope. I have a tool bag with lots of practical things to solve issues large and small and I am adding to it as we go. Lyn brings a wealth of knowledge and information to context all of our work, she is sincere, empathetic and determined to make a difference. I am on a journey with a guide by my side. I look forward to seeing Lyn's bright smiley face every week.




Lyn is a lovely person and a brilliant coach. She is very personable, has a quiet but powerful determination, a strong sense of compassion. She has a caring, friendly manner, and a clear focus on me and my needs.


In our first six weeks of sessions, Lyn restored my sense of self-belief, re-ignited my purpose, and encouraged me to pursue health issues that I had previously left unattended. By the end of the final session I felt refreshed and a completely different person; you could say that I had refound ‘my mojo! 


My conversations with Lyn gave me a brilliant opportunity to share how I felt and what I thought and talk about myself in a way I have not done for years. Our topics of conversation covered a whole range of issues including, family, friends, health and fitness, personal goals and thinking about self worth. Incredibly, so much can be packed into one short hour, making her service excellent value for money.

As part of her package, Lyn also sent me two books; these were a lovely added-value surprise, and they have extended my thinking about myself and my well-being.


I am delighted with my coaching from Lyn and would recommend her to everyone unreservedly. If she makes as much a difference in your life as she has with mine, then I am sure you would be delighted too. I can’t recommend her enough!



I have had the pleasure of working with Lyn as a Health and Wellness Coach for the last year and I can honestly say I feel so fortunate to have her coach and support me to better health. She has a natural ability to put me at ease which is incredibly comforting and reassuring. This combined with her knowledge and empathy has led me to making many changes in my life. I would absolutely recommend Lyn to anyone who is looking for support in their wellness journey.

Nature Reserve


I’ve always been a positive, glass half full person.I would greet each day with enthusiasm after a restful sleep. But I’ve struggled for the last three years following the sudden death of my husband, Philip. I’ve survived by packing my waking hours with activity thus reducing the time I had to be alone with my thoughts. I was physically exhausted but unable to sleep through the night. 

Late last year I had the usual sinking feeling thinking of the weeks to come full of anniversaries - my birthday, Philip’s birthday, Christmas, New Year, Philip’s death and his funeral. I felt I couldn’t cope with this treadmill again, that each year my whole life seemed to be leading up to or away from ((and inevitably up to again) this two month period and that I had no control over this. 

I contacted Lyn. As soon as I read the welcome questionnaire I felt sure that Lyn would help me find my way back to the person I was. Those questions made me sit and think about myself and my life and our first (and only) session was a revelatory and self-affirming experience. Lyn’s honesty, empathy and focus made me think about why I was where I was and her caring, considered suggestions, both practical and emotional, showed me there was a way forward. 

Now I am back  to the person I was with coping strategies in place for the hard times. I truly believe this wouldn’t have happened without Lyn’s guidance. Words cannot adequately express how grateful I am to her for giving me back my life that is now without fear of the treadmill.



When we started working together, I was at a place where any social interaction would have been extremely difficult for me: be it finding and talking to people about hobbies, or working towards getting a job. My mindset was very pessimistic and impacted my ability to be happy with any progress I made. 


The best part about our sessions was the help in reframing this default pessimistic mindset and improving my general outlook on my future. This really helped over time to be happier with all that I do to work on myself. 


I’ve got a whole list of accomplishments under my belt thanks to our six sessions together, including joining online groups, restarting computer programming for fun and importantly applying for jobs. 


I have hope that I can enjoy myself with a new weekly group I have joined and that I will be able to continue to improve my social anxiety. 


Thank you for all your help! 

Healthy Salad


Thanks so much for coaching myself and Alex. I think it has helped enormously having such a wonderful, insightful and compassionate person to talk to. My highlights were when you asked me to think of positive moments or things that made me smile. It is so important to remember those small special moments in life. I still hold on to that practice and feel grateful much more than before. Especially for having you in my life as well.


I am thinking of booking a few more sessions with you, as I feel stuck in a few areas of my life and could really do with someone on the outside helping me to sort things out.

Healthy Food


I wasn't in a good place mentally or physically really when we started working together. 

Absolutely everything we discussed has helped me in some way. As a result of our sessions together I’ve started to sleep much better, stopped smoking, am eating two sometimes three - meals a day, consuming more vegetables, am less irritated and have learned breathing techniques to use when I feel agitated by something. I am committed to continuing to improve my health and happiness from what I have learnt. Thank you! 

Calm Waters


I wanted to improve my overall fitness to make sure I have a good quality of life in the years to come into my retirement and beyond, not least because we were expecting a first grandchild. I had developed a habit for drinking alcohol and recognised it was not good for my health and mental wellbeing or financially. 


Lyn is a good listener and picked up on what is helpful to motivate me to make the changes necessary to meet my long-term goals and help me better understand myself. 


Having finished 6 sessions together I am now drinking less, eating more nutritious food, sleeping better and have more energy and time for lifestyle activities. My clarity of thought has improved, I am fitter, more optimistic and am happier! 


Lyn is motivational and has enabled me to have the recipe for a healthy and successful future and a better understanding of how a good work life balance can be achieved. 

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