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what is health coaching?

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Perhaps you've struggled to stick to healthy habits or are overwhelmed by the mass of conflicting information out there which makes it hard to know how to begin.

You are certainly not alone.

It can be so hard to work at new, healthier habits in a world which is set up to tempt us at every turn.

If you feel stuck or not in control, thinking there has to be a better way - there is!



  • Waking up refreshed with a spring in your step

  • Clear headed, self-assured, feeling great in your skin

  • Slim, body confident and free from discomfort 

  • Feeling calm and stable, empowered and enlightened ready to live your best life

Here at 'Feel Well' I witness these magnificent transformations in my clients.


I want you to reclaim your health and live your best life.


We'll explore together in a relaxed, supportive way, creating realistic goals to propel you on your wellness journey and help you

transform your life.




It can be challenging to change our ingrained behaviours and internal programming. When we try but then slip back, we are often quick to blame ourselves and give up.


Thankfully, there is another way.

As a health coach, I am here to work alongside you as your ally and supporter.


Together we will create a personalised plan to get you to your Well Life Vision.


What can I expect?

During a free, no-obligation introductory chat, I will explain more about the coaching process and you will have the opportunity to see if my style will suit your needs.  If you'd like to go ahead then we will agree a start date to suit you.


Hour long sessions will be held over Zoom.  These may be recorded for my use only; all information is completely confidential.


I operate to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Guidelines.

How long will I need?

We will usually work together on a weekly basis for a block of 6 sessions, potentially followed by fortnightly sessions. This may reduce to monthly sessions as and when you feel ready.


My recommendation for health & wellness coaching is a minimum of 4-6 months as it has been shows that it takes that length of time to form new habits.

How much does it cost?

Sessions last one hour and are priced individually at £65.

Bundles of 6 sessions can be purchased in advance at a discounted rate of £370.


Supportive resources will be sent to you with each bundle purchased. These will be tailored to your individual needs and will be a book I believe will help you or something like a quality journal.


make a date

Taking the first step is the key.  

How about taking that right now?

There's no commitment at this stage, you'll just be exploring.

Still got questions about health coaching?

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