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MY collaboration partners

Can they help you?

Frequently our clients ask me for recommendations for the services of other health professionals. Below are some which may be of help to you.


Julie of Vagus Wellbeing is a Registered Nutritional Therapist who is passionate about supporting mind and body health through the power of food and lifestyle. 

How, when and what we eat can have a big impact on mood, behaviour and even the size of our brains, just as much as our digestion and bodily health. We are what we eat, and mental health conditions such as Anxiety, depression, ADHD/ADD can be supported through food and target nutrients.  

Julie and I work closely together to support clients through our popular 6-week group coaching programme 'Feeding the Mind'.


Vixi Wellbeing supports people through their journey to a fitter happier wellbeing, helping people through sports therapy to achieve their goals with injury free accuracy.

Screenshot 2022-02-25 at 09.26.18.png

Alphagenix are experts in Hormone Optimisation Therapy and Testosterone Replacement.

All journeys have to start somewhere, so whether your main symptoms are low energy levels and lack of focus or low libido and weight gain, consider a consultation with one of their specialist doctors today and take the first steps to restoring optimal testosterone levels and improving your quality of life.


A huge personal endorsement from me for the most positive person on the planet who is RainFitz!

Live and recorded fitness classes, to suit all levels, including Pilates, are offered 6 days a week. Rain is whom I personally choose to work out with each morning; she has completely transformed my fitness and strength levels! Why not join a couple of trial classes to see how fantastic it is for yourself?

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