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MY collaboration partners

Can they help you?

Frequently our clients ask me for recommendations for the services of other health professionals. Below are some which may be of help to you.


Julie Tarring is an experienced and qualified Mountain Leader as well as being a generally wonderful human being! She can give you the confidence to get out in the hills, help you learn/hone navigation skills or enthuse you with her fabulous knowledge of the natural world. A few times a year, Julie and I hook up to offer wellbeing walks of various levels. Watch this space!


Vixi Wellbeing supports people in Darlington and the local area to a fitter happier place of wellbeing. From sports massage to PT services and much more, do take a look at all Victoria McFaull offers. As an ex nurse she has a wealth of experience and brings humour, understanding and kindness in her approach. 


A huge personal endorsement from me for the most positive person on the planet who is RainFitz!

Live and recorded fitness classes, to suit all levels, including Pilates, are offered 6 days a week. Rain is whom I personally choose to work out with each morning; she has completely transformed my fitness and strength levels! Why not join a couple of trial classes to see how fantastic it is for yourself?

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