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Get to know ME


Love of learning is my top signature strength so it won't surprise you that I spend my spare time devouring information about health, wellbeing & nutrition to help my clients.

It's a world that is constantly evolving as new scientific research emerges - I love it!



Get to know me

 My values are :








These values reflect in how I work with my clients.


Working with Me

“You’ve changed my life, Lyn.”  


What better feeling could you have than that? Imagine if you could feel that way too!


Hi, I'm Lyn: wife, Mum of two boys, a lover of the outdoors and one of those chirpy morning people. 


I spent my school years in the Midlands but after moving North (Co Durham) for uni, I never left - meeting my husband-to-be there may have had a hand in it!


Twenty years working in commercial roles in industry on Teesside provided me with incredibly valuable people experience but I always felt that I wasn’t where I should be. I wonder if you've ever had that feeling too? 


Fast forward to 2013 when I began to see my fit, healthy Mum suddenly unable to walk and in excruciating pain. That was when things really shifted for me. We battled with the medical system to get to the bottom of what was wrong, continually hitting dead ends for some time, until finally the devastating news came.  Incurable cancer. Some of you reading this may have faced similarly tough news in your life too. 


The next five years of advocating for and caring for my Mum were life changing; they awakened a passion in me to help others. In 2018, I resigned from my secure, long-term job to seek work in the health sector; it turned out to be the best thing I ever did!

I wonder what bold moves you've made which have paid off in your own life.... are you perhaps on the verge of doing something different but just need the confidence to go for it?


A world of health, wellbeing and patient care opened up before me over the years that followed. I devoured learning and training eagerly and met some amazing people along the way.  Over time, I realised that health coaching was where I could use my skills and passion to make a powerful difference.


I am a real people person and gain so much energy from being around others.  Health & wellness coaching is a pure joy; my natural curiosity and desire to get to know people means that clients are quick to build rapport and trust with me. Passing on my passion to others is something I'm also able to do via my work as Head of Student Experience for the Health Coaches Academy. 


Healthy practices are something I endeavour to build into my own family life wherever possible as I really see the benefits. This includes running, walking, Pilates, and regular strength training.  Nothing makes me happier than getting out in the mountains with my children at weekends, being in the fresh air and taking in nature. We're lucky enough to live in easy access of the Lake District, Northumberland and Yorkshire's Dales and Moors - just beautiful!


Nutrition is a key area of interest for me and I have completed additional training as a Functional Medicine Health Coach, accredited by the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), a globally recognised organisation. I'm also an i3 accredited coach, which means we can look at boosting personal awareness, your impact on others and what your productive environment is too.


I have seen the transformation that health coaching enables with my 1-1 and corporate clients and am SO excited for your journey to start now too.  


You only live once, so make it your best life!

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