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Is there such a thing as a male menopause?

Thanks Davina!

We have much to thank Davina McCall for in raising the profile of the female menopause and its often-debilitating symptoms. Less well talked about however is the male equivalent.

Following the important spotlight on men’s health last month, Amanda and I thought it would be useful to highlight the work of Alphagenix – a company whose sole purpose is to ensure this important topic gets the attention it deserves so that many men can be helped.

Testosterone is a hormone you have no doubt heard of

Testosterone is found in all humans, as well as in other animals. It is most often associated with libido and plays a vital role in sperm production, but it also affects bone and muscle mass, mood, mental clarity, the way men store fat in the body and even red blood cell production. If you'd like to know more about testosterone, read our blog here.

The male menopause

The production of testosterone begins to dip after age 30 which is called the Male Menopause or Andropause. Historically, this was just accepted as normal and almost considered a taboo subject however thankfully, that is starting to change.

Ross' story

Alphagenix’s co-founder, Ross shares his own personal journey:

“I first started having symptoms when I was 32, although the full extent of my imbalance wasn’t discovered for a few years”

“Initially my main symptoms were aching joints and a complete lack of focus, my brain felt foggy, and I remember one day at its peak, I couldn’t even speak coherently as my thoughts were all jumbled up. I felt 52 rather than my age and this was obviously affecting my personal life as well as work. Blood Tests at my GP revealed some very unusual results and I was referred to an Endocrinologist who diagnosed Hypothyroidism and prescribed medication. Unfortunately, this worsened my symptoms but when I discussed this with my Doctor, he suggested that perhaps my symptoms were “all in my head.”

Furious, I searched for a private physician with an interest in men’s health and luckily found one in London, who after a 60-minute appointment suggested I had low Testosterone and an Iodine deficiency. This diagnosis was confirmed via tests within days, and I began my first Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), a gel and an Iodine Supplement. I now felt about 40.

Next, he suggested some lifestyle changes including a specific diet, and within a matter of weeks I was running up and down the stairs and felt in my twenties again. Fast forward 11 years, my clarity and focus is 100%, I have a beautiful family and on a business level I’ve started 6 companies, sold 4 and acquired another 6. I’m still on TRT (I now inject), I’ve climbed mountains on 6 continents and feel stronger and fitter than when I was in my twenties.

Earlier this year I realised that I rarely shared my hormonal journey which made me think, how many other men out there are not sharing their stories, or worse, not receiving the help they need, and the seed was planted for Alphagenix”

Will you help raise the profile of this important topic and open up the (much-needed) dialogue about men’s health?

If you think you could be low in testosterone or are concerned about any symptoms you’re seeing then do contact your GP in the first instance for more advice.


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