Imagine a life where you are truly living, not just surviving

Imagine being raring to start each day, full of energy and optimism.

A life full of vitality.


It can be more than just a dream I promise - living that way is closer than you think.


Typical transformations in my coaching clients include:


  • Boosts in self-belief

  • Shifts in mindset

  • Physical changes 

  • Health improvements across many areas

  • Huge progress with their goals

"I feel euphoric!  I can't believe the different person that I am, inside and out, after our first 6 sessions together."

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Your health transformation

Typical reasons for clients to reach out to a health coach include:

  • feeling a lack of control

  • feeling stuck

  • stress and anxiety

  • sleep issues

  • poor eating habits

  • diagnosis of a medical condition

  • management of chronic conditions

  • weight challenges

  • chronic pain


Could this be you instead?

  • Waking feeling refreshed with a spring in your step

  • Clear headed, self-assured, feeling great in your skin

  • Slimmer, body confident and free from discomfort

  • Feeling calm and stable, empowered and enlightened, ready to live your best life

Your personalised plan

As your coach, I am here to work alongside you as your ally and supporter.  Together we will create your personalised plan to get you to your Well Life Vision.

It can be challenging to change our ingrained behaviours and internal programming. When we try but then slip back, we are often quick to blame ourselves and give up.


Thankfully, there is another way

Book a 20 minute discovery call to find out how health coaching can help you

You'll be in the driving seat, creating the goals you'd like to achieve.
Together we'll harness your strengths to get you there!

1 -1 Coaching Session

Single Session


Series of 6 x

1 -1 Coaching Sessions

A bundle of sessions which includes 2 x tailored resources just for you.


Corporate Workshops

Get in touch for pricing for 'Creating a Successful day' or other themed sessions for your staff

Ready to take the next step?

We'll explore together in a relaxed, supportive way, creating realistic goals to propel you on your wellness journey and help you transform your life.