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Why you can't afford to wait any longer

Health has to be practiced and worked at

I’ve come to realise that you have to practice health... It really isn’t something we can take for granted in a world littered with toxic chemicals, food deserts and fast-paced stressful lifestyles. Society is (sadly) set up these days to make us unhealthy so it needs a daily, laser sharp focus to stay on track with our health and wellness.

A friend was telling me recently that she was made to feel odd because she didn’t want chips with her fish at the chippy. She is working super hard each morning to work out and has made radical changes to her diet to lose weight. She was not prepared to sabotage all that effort for some chips but goodness me, she was made to feel like an oddity as a result. That is how messed up our food is today!

I despair!!

I hear what my children are offered in school for lunch, see what my Mum was served up in hospital and what is available at the festivals we attend as a family and quite frankly... I despair!

The thing is, once you know about health and nutrition, you can’t unknow it, which makes eating processed foods a real turn off. I know only too well the impact they have on my body – the inflammatory response, the spikes in blood sugar, followed promptly by the crash…

It all takes its toll on us

It wasn’t always this way though: Once upon a time, I would happily sit down on a Saturday night with a bottle of wine and box of chocolates, I could easily convince myself that a walk a couple of times a week was enough, blasting on through the stresses of work life was a no brainer! It’s only when you look in the mirror one day and really see what is looking back at you that you get a wakeup call. The lack of care for ourselves all takes its toll and shows up” be it in our sleep, our skin, our mood, our health, our relationships or our stress resilience (or lack thereof!).

Nothing is more important than your health

That’s why I can’t advocate health & wellness coaching enough. Yes, I know I am biased as a coach but honestly, there is nothing more important than your health. When your health improves the benefits ripple throughout your life and everything improves with it.

Imagine a new way of feeling
  • You feel like jumping out of bed with a spring in your step even on the very coldest and darkest of days.

  • You look forward to what each new day will bring and face challenges with a new determination and positivity.

  • People feel the positivity radiate from you and ask what your secret is.

  • You make healthier choices naturally because you want to nourish and protect your body.

  • You enjoy the treats for what they are and don’t feel the guilt.

How will you build health practice into your daily routine? What support do you need? Habit change takes time and effort so having someone to walk alongside you and celebrate your wins is key. It might be a friend, a family member or you may choose a health coach.

Whoever it is, they are your important ally and cheerleader as you walk a new path of health.


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