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What is health coaching?

I wonder what you think of when you hear the phrase ‘health & wellness coaching’? Does it excite you or does it scare the pants off you?

What does health mean to you?

It might be something that feels like a distant far-off land. Or, perhaps it’s more like something within your grasp that just needs a bit of support. Wherever you sit between those two, we’re here to help you and can make a real difference.

You have all the resources you need within you.

You do. It’s just that sometimes we need an ally, someone to champion our cause, to believe in us, and give us that confidence or little push that we struggle to manage alone.

Our lives are busy and often our self-care and health care come right at the bottom of a long to-do list. All too often, we attach guilt to self-care, wearing our busyness badge with pride. We can only do that for so long though before something gives – often that ‘thing’ is our health. Feelings of anxiety, low mood, weight gain, tiredness, lack of motivation, overwhelm, aches and pains, diagnosis of disease and more may follow if we don’t practice health and take care of ourselves.

But I don’t have time for all that…!

It’s easy to take our health for granted until we don’t have it anymore. Sadly, the medical appointments and recovery time can steal valuable days and weeks of our lives if we don’t get in there early enough to prevent them. Read our blog on 'Why you can't afford to wait any longer' here

So, what can I do?

Health & Wellness coaching is for you right now whatever stage of life you are at. It’s for those who want to feel better generally just as much as it’s for individuals who have been given some news which has triggered them to take immediate action.

Each of us benefits hugely for taking an hour out of our lives regularly to pause, reflect and plan. The old saying “Fail to plan means planning to fail” is true in all walks of life. If we don’t step back and scrutinise our lives objectively and look at our routines and habits every so often then it can be easy to let things slide.

Together we’ll assess what you would like to focus on, where you’re at, what your well life vision is and how you can get there with easy-to-follow steps. You’ll harness your strengths to achieve your goals, celebrate your successes along the way and literally transform your life.

Why not find out more by booking a free discovery call with one of us today to see how you can feel (really) well?


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